Experience Pure Water and Revolutionize Your Tap Water Our Household Faucet Water Purifier

3Made of Good Quality PVC material. removes rusts, sediments,worms, colloids,sediment, filter and purify the water. High speed water flow, 1L/min. Quick fit universal tap adapter, easy installation. Washable and removable ceramic cartridge, easy and quick to replace.

Our household water faucet purifier for sink is equipped with five filter elements, which is cleanable. Five filters can filter 2600-Gallon water, saving your money. Made of Good Quality PVC material, not easy aging and very durable. Good Quality filter, removes rusts, sediments, worms, colloids, sediment, filter and purify the water, provide your family only the best and healthy water, help you make the best coffee and tea tasting. High speed water flow, 1L/min flow rate gives you plenty of clean water instantly.

Quick fit household water faucet purifier, easy installation fit most taps with screw thread, great for home bathroom, kitchen, toilet, shower room washbasin, water sink. Washable and removable ceramic cartridge, easy and quick to replace, it is recommended to wash the cartridge every 7-10 days and replace it every 3-6 months.(according to local water quality).


High Pressure Raw and Filtered Water

Our household water faucet purifier have two outlet modes, raw and filtered water. You can switch between the both. The pressure of raw water mode outlet is more than your original faucet. two kinds of water quality, fast switching, the original water level to the clean water level. The water filter can effectively remove impurities, and make sure the normal water quality. Can enjoy the pure water of filtered water straight from your kitchen Tap.

Filtration System

The outer layer of our household water faucet purifier is natural deep-sea diatom porcelain, and the inner layer is high-density activated carbon and pP cotton. reduces residual chlorine and remove sand, plankton in the water. intercept harmful substances, live a healthy life, start with water purification, and protect the health of family members. 0.1 micron purification filter element.


  • Filter material: ceramic filter
  • temperature: 5 ° C -65 ° C
  • flow: 2.0L/min
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Power source: Non electric


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