stylish and efficient decoration for room with 360° Rotating electric ceiling fan lamp

Universal E27 Light Holder With Remote Control, Has The Functions Of Stepless Dimming, Three-Speed Wind Speed, Timing Function, And Sleep Mode. Provide Soft, Non-Glare LED Light Sources, 2-In-1 Fan & Light: 2-In-1 Lighting + Fan, Large Air Volume, Wide Lighting

Looking for a smart fan lamp that is both stylish and efficient? Look no further than the 360° Rotating electric ceiling fan lamp Multi-color Led Light. It features high-quality ABS fan blades that are durable, quiet, and long-lasting, plus an acrylic cover that produces soft and warm lighting. Plus, it is easy to install and comes with multiple lighting modes and a remote control.

our 360° Rotating electric ceiling fan lamp is novel design, ultra-light high-tech standard, light-transmitting PC cover, soft light, soft and warm choice. Bringing natural light anywhere in your bedroom, can bring your room up and make it more fluid. The upgraded smart E27 lamp head has the functions of stepless dimming, three-speed wind speed, timing function, and sleep mode. Dimmable LED lamps are more energy-efficient, provide soft, non-glare LED light sources, and are friendly to the eyes.

Aromatherapy tablets and mosquito repellent tablets can be placed, the fragrance of our 360° Rotating electric ceiling fan lamp is pleasant and the pressure is relieved. The fan assists in diffusing the fragrance, circulates the fragrant air, diffuses the fragrance naturally, and fills the room with a delicate fragrance.


Lighting Modes and Remote Control

our 360° Rotating electric ceiling fan lamp offers multiple lighting modes to meet different lighting requirements. The remote control allows you to adjust the brightness and fan speed, set a timer, and store your favorite settings.

Fashionable Design

With its round shape design,our 360° Rotating electric ceiling fan lamp looks trendy and stylish, and the large lighting area provides plenty of light coverage making it a must owned in modern household.

Multiple Uses

our 360° Rotating electric ceiling fan lamp is beautiful and practical. It can be used in an indoor living room, bedroom, children's room, coffee shop, and study room, and can also be placed in the kitchen.

Quick installation

No tools are required, just install the 360° Rotating electric ceiling fan lamp socket after power off. Even one person can complete the installation within 1 minute.


  • Size: 265*265*185mm
  • Voltage: 86v-265v
  • Nominal Power: 48w
  • Weight: 0.62kg


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