drive in premium comfort and luxury with multifunctional and portable wireless torch screen carplay mirror smart cam

Mirror smart Cam Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto. 9.66" Dash Cam Front and Rear Backup Camera Rear View Mirror. Smart Screen for Cars & Trucks, Night Vision, Parking Assistance Dual Cameras + 32G TF Card. Driving Record, GPS Navigation and Car DVR Bluetooth. Night Vision, with Gauge, Waterproof, Dustproof and Shockproof.

our wireless touch screen carPlay mirror smart cam has High-definition display screen, The 9.66-inch large touch screen can display a better picture. It can record high-definition, smooth images whether it is day or night, rainy or foggy. Excellent visual experience Using large-diameter front and rear lenses and mature WDR technology, you can have a clearer picture when using the device. at the same time, it has aurora capture technology, which can make the image bright and dark when encountering tunnels, night lights, etc.

get Precise voice control function with our wireless touch screen carPlay mirror smart cam, You can let the machine turn on the screen, turn off the screen, turn on the camera, etc. through fixed commands, so that you can reduce safety hazards when driving your vehicle. Supports wireless Android auto and also Wireless Apple auto. you can connect Bluetooth music By connecting to the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, also use the mobile phone to select music and play the sound through the player. When there is an incoming call, the Bluetooth phone function will be automatically enabled.


Smart Voice Control & 2 Split Screen

our wireless touch screen carPlay mirror smart cam will follow your voice commands, such as turn on the screen, turn off the screen, turn on the camera, etc. Make your driving more convenient and safer. With the screen split function, front and rear view image can display simultaneously. comes With user-friendly UI interface and vivid colors.

Enhance Night Vision & Loop Recording

our wireless touch screen carPlay mirror smart cam with night vision provides excellent video with sharp picture quality and vivid color even in the starlight environment. Loop Recording allows continuous recording even if the memory card reaches full capacity (It comes with a 32GB TF card, it can be expanded up to 128GB). 

AUX Wired Connection, FM Transmitter & Reversing Assist

You can transmit all the sound of the player to the car audio system through the AUX cable or FM transmitter, and enjoy music through the car audio system. When you turn to "R" gear, the screen will automatically switch to the rear camera so that you can better see anything behind the car, and a reversing line will appear to help you judge the distance of obstacles behind the car.

Newest Upgraded CarPlay & Android Auto

with our wireless touch screen carPlay mirror smart cam, you can take the things you want to do with your phone while driving and puts them right on this smart cam, you can get directions, make calls, send/receive messages, and enjoy your favorite music. you can use Siri Voice Control or Control with a touch, it is super convenient. 

G-sensor & Parking Monitor& WDR Technology

G-sensor detects a sudden collision and locks the collision footage. Parking monitor functions as a surveillance camera system while the vehicle is off. WDR supports strong light suppression and back light compensation. our wireless touch screen carPlay mirror smart cam supports extreme light collection technology in wide dynamic scenes such as entering and exiting tunnels, night lights, etc. Makes the image bright and dark details better and provide better images in the night or strong light for you. 

Package included

  • 9.66 Inch In-Mirror Mounted Video Player
  • Universal Mount
  • Cigarette lighter plug
  • AUX Cable
  • 32GB TF card
  • Camera Power Cable


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